Every Child Is An Artist With the Right Tools!

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Every Child Is An Artist With the Right Tools!

As a parent, are you always in search of engaging activities to do with the kids, but often find yourself lacking in time or energy? Who says bonding and fun can’t happen over homely activities? With the right tools, activities like drawing, painting, and crafting can serve up a good time too. What’s more, you get to express your creativity together and create fun memories. So, check out our selection of art supplies to nurture your young artist!


1. POP ARTZ Drawing Block Bundle Of 5

The blank canvas holds endless possibilities to the young mind, so be sure to get your drawing block in bulk. This pack of 5 has 20 sheets of quality drawing paper in each drawing block, so you can have fun with painting and drawing anytime you want. With its 135gsm paper, it will go well with most colouring materials that kids love! Our tip? Don’t throw away the card board that comes with each drawing block; you can repurpose it for fun crafting projects instead!



2. POP ARTZ Crayon Stick (6pcs, Neon Colour)

For toddlers, a great way to get started in their artistic endeavours is through crayons as they are relatively easier to grasp for small hands. This pack of six neon colour oil pastel crayon sticks can easily brighten up any art work and is surely a delight to every young child. It is also a great way to help young children learn about basic colours.



3. FABER-CASTELL Classic Colour Pencils 48 Colours

As your child gets older and start to crave for more distinct colour choices in their art creations, you may want to upgrade to using colour pencils with a more varied range of colours. In the Faber-Castell Classic Colour Pencils pack, you’d find 48 colours to choose from and plenty of possibilities to explore. It’s perfect for children to experiment with varying hues and gradation through shading. Made of non-toxic materials, you can have a peace of mind letting kids use them. The SV bonding system ensures that the tip does not break easily so you get the most out of every piece in the set.



4. SHARPIE 24 Color Fine Marker w/ FREE Metallic Silver Marker

If your kid is already adept at applying colour pencils and oil pastels, consider challenging them with permanent markers. The Sharpie Color Burst Fine Point Permanent Markers come in intensely bright and supercharged shades that create stand-out visuals anytime. Its iconic ink dries quickly and resists both water and fading so children’s creations can weather the test of time. It can be used on most surfaces so children can even take their artistic explorations beyond the drawing block!



5. POP ARTZ Spiral Sketch Book A4

If you spot a tinge of whimsy in your artistically inclined kid who can often be seen doodling and creating, get them a sketch book to document their creative process. The POP Artz Spiral Sketch Book comes with a front insert pocket so they can even customise their own cover. With 60 pieces of 125gsm sheets in each book, it’s an inviting canvas for spurs of creativity on the go! With all the right tools, perhaps even you would be inspired to reconnect with this childhood pastime. The sky is the limit, so let your imagination run free today!



By Sim Yi Wen

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