Out With the Old, In With the New

Be Cool for School

Out With the Old, In With the New

With the June holidays behind us and preparation for the year-end exams gradually gearing up, your child will need a pick-me-up to power through. Of the many ways to go about this, we recommend refreshing their school supplies, especially if these everyday items are already worn out from constant use. Check out the selection below!

1. POP Kids Basic 2 Ergonomic School Backpack (Assorted Colours)

If your child’s backpack is as heavy as its contents, it’s high time to consider alternatives. Switch out to the POP Kids Basic 2 Ergonomic School Backpack, a lightweight option with ample space within. Its S-shaped ergonomic shoulder straps reduce weight stress and improve overall fitting, while the padded side and lumbar support panels provide better comfort. To reduce discomfort from perspiration, the backpack is further fitted with breathable foam backing. Now your child can commute with the weight of the world lifted off their shoulders!



2. Options Wallet (Assorted Designs)

School is where the young become properly acquainted with the concept of money. To mark this milestone, why not gift your child an Options wallet? Coming in several understated designs, these unisex wallets are made from high-quality denim. With multiple compartments, including a zip coin slot, your child will be able to keep their valuables safe in one place as they learn to count their change at the canteen or bookshop.



3. Foldermate Nest Expanding A4 File (Assorted Colours)

It’ll be good for your child to start getting their worksheets and notes in order during this time of the year to facilitate revision later on. Keep organised with the Foldermate Nest Expanding A4 File, which comes with 13 pockets and 12 index tabs, one for each subject, and additional space for miscellaneous documents. To prevent loose paper from going missing, the file also comes with a secure buckle closure. Don’t worry if your child is picky with colours — coming in classic white or sleek black, you won’t go wrong with either choice!



4. PAW Patrol Expanding A4 File (Assorted Designs)

For the ones who prefer cute characters adorning their school supplies, brighten up their day with crowd favourite PAW Patrol! Decked in vibrant colour print of assorted designs both front and back, your young ones will enjoy using the PAW Patrol Expanding A4 File as they learn at school. Also expandable with 13 pockets, your child will have no problem containing all their school work neatly, no matter how large the volume.



5. PAW Patrol Water Bottle w/ Straw 700ml (Assorted Designs)

Hot. Hotter. Hottest. These are the three modes of Singapore’s weather. Thus, it’s more pressing than ever to make sure to hydrate round the clock to keep cool. To coax your tot to drink more water, fill up this 700ml PAW Patrol Water Bottle that comes with a straw, and let them sip on it throughout the day easily! With a convenient hanging strap, your tot can simply sling it and be on their merry way to school with the diligent pups as the best sidekicks.



Felicia Chua

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