CASIO Scientific Calculator FX-97SG X


CASIO FX-97SG X: Powerful Scientific Calculator for Math and Science

The CASIO FX-97SG X is an advanced scientific calculator packed with features for math and science. According to the official CASIO website, this calculator model comes with 417 functions and has a 2-line display, ideal for showing intermediate calculation steps.

Some key features and capabilities of the FX-97SG X include:

  • Natural Display for entering and displaying fractions, roots, and other expressions as they are written
  • Physical scientific constants for physics and chemistry equations
  • Extensive list of conversion functions between units of measurement
  • Integrated spreadsheets with built-in math formulas
  • QR code scanning for sharing formulas and programs
  • Backlit display with adjustable contrast
  • Replay function to review and re-edit previous calculations
  • Solar and battery power

Specifications wise, the dimensions are 3.1 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches and it weighs 5.3 ounces. The display resolution is 192 x 63 pixels. It uses a LR44 button cell battery or solar power.

Overall, the FX-97SG X packs robust math and science functionality into a compact design perfect for students. Its intuitive interface and wide range of features make it a versatile calculator for the classroom and beyond.

Basic Usage and Operations

The CASIO FX-97SG X has a simple and intuitive interface for basic usage. Here are some key things to know:

  • Turning On/Off - To turn on the FX-97SG X, press the ON/OFF button. To turn off, press ON/OFF again and confirm by pressing EXE. The calculator will automatically turn off after about 6 minutes of inactivity.

  • Inputting Expressions - Use the number keys and math operator keys (+, -, x, ÷) to input expressions and calculations. Press EXE or = when ready to evaluate.

  • Toggling Between Results - After evaluating an expression, you can press the up arrow ▲ key to toggle between the input expression and the result. This allows you to view previous calculations.

  • Clear - To clear the current entry, press C. To clear all entries and reset to a blank screen, press AC/ON.

  • Fractions - To input fractions, press MATH and select the Frac option. Then enter the numerator and press EXE, enter the denominator and press EXE.

  • Negative Numbers - To make a number negative, press the +/- key after entering the number.

For step-by-step guidance, refer to the CASIO FX-97SG X user manual.

Advanced Functions

The CASIO FX-97SG X calculator has several advanced functions that go beyond basic arithmetic and trigonometry. These include statistical, spreadsheet, QR code scanning, and equation solving capabilities.

Statistical Calculations

The FX-97SG X can perform various statistical calculations for analyzing data sets. You can enter data points and have the calculator determine the mean, median, standard deviation, linear regression, and more. The statistics mode (STAT) lets you choose the type of graph to represent the data as well. This allows students to visualize statistical information (Casio FX-97SG X Manual).

The FX-97SG X also includes hypothesis testing functions for checking statistical significance. Common tests like z-tests, t-tests, F-tests, χ2 tests and ANOVA are built in. Just input your data and variables to have the calculator run the test and output the results.

Spreadsheet Application

An advanced feature of the FX-97SG X is the spreadsheet application with 42 rows and 6 columns. You can enter data, text and formulas into the spreadsheet cells. Formulas can reference other cells to automatically calculate results just like Excel or Google Sheets. The spreadsheet expands the functionality and allows for more complex analysis (Casio FX-97SG X Features).

QR Code Scanning

A unique capability of the FX-97SG X is the ability to scan QR codes using the built-in camera. You can scan QR codes that contain mathematical expressions to directly input them into the calculator. This allows for quick transfer of longer expressions without tediously typing them in. You can also generate QR codes for expressions to share with others.

Equation Solving

The equation solving mode lets you input linear equations, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, and more. It will then algebraically solve for the unknown variables. You simply type in the equations using standard math notation, press the solve button, and the calculator outputs the step-by-step working and solutions. This assists students in understanding how to manually solve equations.

Tips and Tricks

The CASIO FX-97SG X has many useful features and functions that can be utilized more effectively with some handy tips and tricks. Here are some to help you get the most out of your scientific calculator:

Memory Functions

  • You can store up to 28 variables in the calculator's memory for quick recall. Use the special variable M to store multiple values and recall them sequentially.
  • To clear all stored memory on the FX-97SG X, press [SHIFT]7 while in Run or Program Mode. You can also clear individual variables.
  • The Memory Safeguard feature prevents accidental deletion of data. Enable it in System Mode.


  • Avoid exposing the calculator to excessive heat or moisture to prevent damage.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean the keys and casing. Do not use harsh chemicals.
  • To preserve battery life, turn the calculator off when not in use for long periods.


  • If you see an error message on the display, refer to the user manual for steps to resolve common issues.
  • Check that the battery is installed correctly and has sufficient charge if the calculator won't turn on.
  • Press [AC] or [ON] to clear the previous calculation if you get an unexpected result.


Many students and professionals have questions about the CASIO FX-97SG X calculator. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between the FX-97SG X and other Casio scientific calculator models?

The FX-97SG X is an upgrade from the FX-9750GII model. It adds new features like a spreadsheet function, QR code scanning, and improved equation solving capabilities. Compared to lower-end models like the FX-991EX, the FX-97SG X has more advanced math functions needed for college math and science coursework. 

Is the FX-97SG X approved for major exams like PSLE, O Levels, and A Levels?

Yes, the FX-97SG X is approved for exams like PSLE, O Levels, and A Levels in Singapore. Be sure to check your exam's specific calculator policies, as some exams prohibit certain features like the spreadsheet function. The FX-97SG X meets exam requirements due to its lack of graphic or communication capabilities. See the full list of approved calculators.

How long does the battery last in the FX-97SG X?

The FX-97SG X uses one LR44 button cell battery. The battery can last for up to 2 years with daily use. The actual battery life depends on how frequently you use the calculator. To conserve battery, use the auto power off function. Refer to the user manual for battery specifications.

Where can I find the user manual for operating instructions?

You can download the FX-97SG X user manual in PDF format from Casio's website here. This comprehensive 31 page guide covers all the calculator operations in detail.

How do I reset or clear the memory on the FX-97SG X?

To reset the calculator, press the AC button. To clear the memory, press SHIFT then press 5, then press 1. Refer to page 28 of the user manual for more details on resetting and clearing data.

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