BESTA All Pass S2 E-Dictionary


Main Features: BESTA All Pass S2

  • Highlights:

    • Touch Screen + Handwriting
    • 72,000+ Entries, 80,000+ Examples
    • Use AA Batteries Easy to replace during exams
    • Stroke Order Animation
    • Search Unknown Characters using ? or *


    Key Features:

    • Most authoritative Chinese dictionary "The Standard Dictionary of Contemporary Chinese, 3rd Edition" (Pictures included)
    • 3.5 inch TFT colour touch screen, adjustable font size for screen display
    • Smart Pinyin input system specially designed for Singapore students
    • Tone function shortlists the words, faster and accurately using Pinyin input
    • Up to 30-levels of cross-search display window for in-depth research
    • Accurate Chinese pronunciation with Hanyu Pinyin display
    • Chinese composition learning material such as punctuation, units of measurement, etc.
    • Chinese reference materials such as Dizigui, Sanzijing, Baijiaxing, Chinese Idioms & proverbs and local terms


    UPC/EAN: 0 22972 01527 1

    Box size (L x W x H): 21.0CM*14.2CM*5.1CM

    Box weight: 400g

    Box content:

    1. BESTA All Pass S2 e-Dictionary
    2. Earphones
    3. 2 X AA Alkaline Batteries
    4. User’s Manual
    5. Stylus Pen (Included in the device)
    6. Leather Case Protector
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