PSLE Daily Dose of Science QR
PSLE Daily Dose of Science is designed to help pupils recall, apply and reinforce Scienceconcepts and skills learnt in schools, and prepare them for school-based weightedassessments and the PSLE through bite-size daily practices.This book comprises 175 daily practices, organised into...
Upper Block Janet Sim’s Science Guided Practice
Learn-as-you-do questions Teacher's mark-ups and comments Covers all learning outcomes Suitable for self-learning Topical and Thematic revision papers Janet’ Sim’s Science Guided Practice consists of a set of topical practices that are thoughtfully designed to develop an understanding of blocks...
Spot On PSLE Chinese Model Essays QR
55篇精选范文搭配历届考题分析陪你有效复习,提升成绩!适用于 华文/高级华文收录了25篇看图作文范文、20篇命题作文范文以及10篇完成文章范文Spend your time wisely with this complete collection of all examinable writing tasks, including picture compositions, scenario-based compositions and continuous writing.提供历届考题分析、写作技巧和贴士,助有效复习Study smart with our insights into past years’ papers, writing skills, techniques and tips.范文里展示大量的好词佳句、成语谚语以及俗语格言Revise effectively with the wide range...
PSLE Foundation Science Topical Revision
This is a useful book for pupils to revise topics in the Foundation Science syllabus. - Includes all topics covered from Primary 3 to 6 Foundation Science- Divided into Lower Block and Upper Block- 15 topical practices with each comprising...
PSLE Preparing For PSLE Mathematics
This series is written based on the latest Primary School Leaving Examination format. It is written with the aim of preparing Primary 6 pupils for the Primary School Leaving Examination. Closely simulating the actual Primary School Leaving Examination paper, the...
Upper Block Janet Sim's Science OEQs
Upper Block Janet Sim's Science OEQs is carefully crafted to support pupils' consistent and progressive learning in their Science courses.This book adopts a thematic approach incorporating topics from Upper Block Science. Worksheets with frequently-asked OEQs200 topical OEQs with six revision...
PSLE Mathematics Top The Class Term & Semestral Papers
Focus on conceptual depth Challenge advanced learners Support independent learning Developed by experienced teachers who believe that consistent and targetted practice is critical to achieving mastery, TOP THE CLASS Term and Semestral Papers series prepares pupils and assesses their readiness...
Upper Block Janet Sim’s Science Worksheets
Janet Sim's Science Worksheets is carefully crafted to support pupils’ consistent and progressive learning in their Primary Science course. Each worksheet aims for targeted practice in sections of a chapter. The multiple-choice and open-ended questions have a wide range of...
PSLE Chinese Examination Paper Package QR
6套完整模拟考卷 详尽答题解析 网上学习资源 本书根据最新小学华文课本《欢乐伙伴》的内容和考试格式编写,旨在帮助广大考生理解小学华文离校考试大纲的要求,掌握相关基本概念、基本内容和基本方法,进一步提高应试能力。 本书在编写过程中,对历届考试题目,特别是近年来的考试内容、课程的考试重点和比重,进行了详细分析,精心编写了6份完整的模拟考卷。 小学华文离校考试的题型多样化,如何解答各类题型需要一定的技巧。为此,本书的答案为考生分析各类题目和选项,并提供详尽的解答方法,其中包括书面互动题。另外,本书还附网上学习资源,收录口试录像短片和听力录音,也提供由专人示范的朗读短文和口试答题音频,能给予学生发音和语调方面的指导。 Author :Y. M. Htun Publisher Year:2021 Book Pages :328
PSLE Science 1000+QR
Boost confidence in tackling PSLE-style application questions Enhance ability to link and apply concepts Enrich learning with additional online support Written by an experienced teacher, this book is developed to boost pupils’ confidence in tackling intermediate to challenging multiple-choice and...
PSLE Chinese eOral Conversation Practice QR
提供口试高分技巧、思维导图 12个热门话题+10个录像 前电台主播吴雪妮老师导读 本书由资深华文教师根据最新小学华文会考口试题型编写,内容涵盖朗读技巧、看录像说话技巧、十个紧扣学生生活的录像主题会话训练,附加两个特别主题训练讲解, 适合小学高年级的学生采用。 Author :Y. M. Htun Publisher Year:2020 Book Pages :161
PSLE Spot on Chinese Exam Analysis Guide QR
逐项分析历届考题,熟悉规律和梳理盲点,并提供宝贵的备考技巧Study smart with our data-driven insights into past PSLE papers and reviseeffectively using related techniques and tips.收录具针对性的练习和模拟试卷Spend your time wisely with practices modelled after commonly testedquestions and examination areas.考前阅读《PSLE华文一点通》,了解近年考题趋势,并掌握各种相关答题技巧,必定能帮助你胸有成竹地应考,在PSLE华文考试中取得佳绩!This book features valuable insights into past years’ papers, as well as...
Spot On PSLE Chinese Idioms QR
全面的《欢乐伙伴》成语加强重点成语复习适用于 华文/高级华文收录小一至小六普通华文和高级华文《欢乐伙伴》课本里的成语Prepare for exams comprehensively with the complete list of idioms from all 6 levels of the Primary Chinese textbook series《欢乐伙伴》.特别标注重点成语和容易混淆的成语供学生参考Study smart with our insights into commonly tested idioms and list of idioms that are often confusing for students.成语附上中英对照解释、例句和典故Revise effortlessly...
PSLE Intensive Science
INTENSIVE PSLE SCIENCE is written based on the latest Science syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. The questions in this book are specially crafted to stimulate pupils’ interest and sharpen their critical-thinking skills. These questions test pupils’ basic concepts...
PSLE All-in-One Science
Be confident in tackling different types of Science questions in the PSLE Be exam-ready and score well in the PSLE PSLE All-in-one Science is written by a trained teacher who has spent more than 10 years teaching pupils from diverse...
Preparing For PSLE Chinese 小六华文会考练习 3ED
《小六华文会考练习》根据最新小学华 文课本《欢乐伙伴》和华文会考题型编写,适合即将参加小六会考的学生。本书提供的练习紧跟会考模式, 分三个部分: 写作、语文理解与应用、听力。学生通过这些练习, 能强化语文能力和作答技巧,从而更充分有效地准备会考。本书附有完整的参考答案, 可供学生自我检查。相信学生在完成这6 份会考练习后, 能够充满信心地参加考试。 根据最新华文会考题型编写6 套模拟试卷包括试卷一、二、三(听力)附范文及参考答案 Number of Book Pages: 164Publication Year: 2021Author: 柳依然  
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