Primary 1 Daily Dose Of Mathematics
Covers all topics in the textbook Daily bite-size exercises Step-by-step full worked solutions Daily Dose of Mathematics is designed for pupils to build on their knowledge and skills learnt in schools and guide them towards mastery in Mathematics through consistent...
Primary 1 Daily Dose Of English
Comprehensive Range of Components 200 Daily Practices Focus on one component a day Daily Dose of English is part of a series of 6 books that includes language components appearing in tests and examinations. This book comprises 200 daily practices,...
Primary 1 Step-by-step Mathematics
Creative Approach to Process Skill Analysis Answers and worked solutions to all questions Explanations to difficult questions Learning Outcomes Revision Papers Graded Content Step-by-Step Mathematics is a series of six books written in strict accordance with the latest Primary Mathematics...
Primary 1 Challenging English 4-in-1
Intensive and challenging exercises on • Vocabulary • Grammar • Comprehension • Composition Model answers provided Challenging English 4-in-1 covers the important aspects of English that are essential in helping pupils build a strong foundation in the language. Vocabulary: Challenging...
Primary 1 Intensive Mathematics Drills New Syllabus
Develop strong foundation progressively Questions in 3 difficulty levels Answers with full worked solutions Intensive Mathematics Drills is a series of six books written in accordance with the latest MOE Primary Mathematics Syllabus. To help pupils develop competency and optimise...
Primary 1&2 Creative Phrases for Chinese Composition Writing
Use the creative phrases in this book as the building blocks for your compositions! 用本书的好词好句为你的作文添砖加瓦,让你的作文更出色! This series helps you develop the ability to express yourself fluently by providing: 本系列通过以下几点帮助你学习与掌握流利表达的写作技能: Creative phrases that are based on a wide variety of commonly-tested...
Primary 1&2 Saya Boleh Membaca Dan Menulis
Systematically develops lower primary students' writing skillsRead and write simple storiesLearn thematic vocabularyPractise sentence formation through guided activitiesDeveloped by an experienced teacher and educator, Saya Boleh Membaca dan Menulis is designed to systematically develop lower primary students’ reading and writing...
Primary 1 Complete Practice Book for Grammar, Vocabulary & Comprehension (3ED)
The Complete Practice Book for Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension series aims to provide pupils with comprehensive practice for all Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension) components to develop their mastery of the English language. To supplement pupils’ learning, this book...
Primary 1 Andrew ER's Mathematics Companion
Covers a wide variety of questions in increasing difficultyProvides comprehensive coverage of primary maths syllabusComplements and supplements school textbooks and workbooksAndrew Er's Maths Companion is a series of 6 workbooks specially written in accordance with the new Primary Mathematics syllabus...
Primary 1 English Class Tests
This publication has been specially written as a thorough and intensive practice for pupils and serves as a gauge of their grasp of the English language. This book has 30 tests, incorporating all the components in Paper 2 of the...
Primary 1 English Top The Class: Tests and Quizzes
The Top the Class series aims to help pupils score well by providing questions that are modelled closely after those found in the tests and quizzes of top Singaporean schools. Such questions are often challenging and require higher-order thinking skills....
Primary 1 & 2 I Am The Best In Chinese Composition Writing 作文我最强
句式训练加强基础激发想象力和创意提供题解与范文附生词中英注释本系列以渐进的方式介绍写作文的技巧和要求,简单明了。低年级的内容重在打好写句子的基础。中、高年级的内容则会步步引导学生,让他们在熟悉考试题型的过程中树立信心。本系列特别收录生词的中英注解,以及解题分析,有助引导学生掌握题目的要求。Author : 李秀蓉Publisher Year:2014Book Pages :208
Primary 1 Step-by-step Chinese Picture Compositions
收录常见主题 培养写作技巧 精选优秀范文 《看图作文步步高》共有六册,针对小一到小六不同年龄段的学习特点、难点和教育部对作文的要求而设计。每册分为十个单元,按思考的步骤,从作文的构思到创意延展及最后成文,一步一步地讲解清楚,就好像一位老师在学生的旁边细心讲解一样。书中的练习在给予学生创意思考空间的同时,也帮助学生掌握写作技巧,增强学生的语文表达能力,提高写作的信心。 Author :格乐悟华语学习中心 Publisher Year:2020 Book Pages :136
Primary 1 English Practice Package
Provides suggested approaches on how to write compositions Guides pupils on how to derive answers for comprehension Includes all components tested in examinations Answers with full explanations This series is written to provide intensive practice for pupils. Each book contains...
Primary 1 Mathematics Modular Exercises
Maths Modular Exercises is a series of complete companions to primary school mathematics courses written in accordance with the latest Ministry of Education syllabus. Each topic consists of:• Notes and worked examples• Exercise 1: drilling questions for developing basic concepts•...
Primary 1 Champion In English Vocabulary
The Champion in English Vocabulary series helps pupils achieve mastery of English vocabulary. Through this series, pupils will be able to reinforce their learning of vocabulary taught in schools and expand their vocabulary knowledge through exposure to related vocabulary terms....
Primary 1 English Oral Booster & Listening Comprehension Package QR
English Practice 1000+ is a series of 6 books written to provide intensive practice for pupils. Each book is organised by components that will feature in the examinations so that pupils can have adequate practice. The practices aim to help...
Primary 1 Ultimate Guide for Grammar Vocabulary & Comprehension
Ultimate Guide for Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension is a series written to provide pupils with the practice they need to develop a strong foundation in the English language. Each book is divided into three sections: • Grammar—This section introduces pupils...
Primary 1 Mathematics Revision Papers
Maths Revision Papers consists of term revision papers and end-of-year revision papers to evaluate pupils’ learning at the end of each school term or at the end of the year. The revision papers consist of standard questions found in schools'...
Primary 1 English Practice 1000+
English Practice 1000+ is a series of 6 books written to provide intensive practice for pupils. Each book is organised by components that will feature in the examinations so that pupils can have adequate practice. The practices aim to help...
Primary 1A Score In Chinese 华文每课练习
 《小学华文每课练习》紧密结合课文的生字新词,每课设计一个 练习。每课练习前先复习课文识读词语,习写课文识写字,并熟悉其常用的词语搭配,以加深对学习内容的理解与掌握。出题方式配合校方规定题型,项目多元化,内容充实,对巩固课堂所学和准备考试非常有帮助。
Primary 1A Chinese Weekly Revision 每周华文课文复习
 《每周华文课文复习》是根据最新的华文课本《欢乐伙伴》编写而成,作业的出题方式完全配合校方规定的题型,适合小一学生 使用。 《每周华文课文复习》也按照校方每个学段的教学进度,为学生提供每周一课复习,以巩固每周所学到的课文生词,让学生充分做好考试前的准备。
Primary 1 口试听力加油站 Chinese Oral Booster & Listening Comprehension
《口试听力加油站》具有以下特点: • 提供贴士,帮助掌握口试和听力技巧方法,以不变应万变。 • 口试主题多样,每个主题都附有参考词汇。 • 附口试资料库,帮助掌握常用口试词汇和常考的正确行为和错误行为。
Primary 1A Higher Chinese Weekly Revision
《每周G3华文课文复习》紧密配合课文的生字新词,为每课设计一个练习。每课练习前提供课文词表,方便学生复习课文必学词语,加深对学习内容的理解与掌握,并更有效地进行练习,取得事半功倍的效果。精编、精选的短文内容生动有趣,文体多样化,能够让学生在练习的同时加强阅读能力,提高学习华文的兴趣。G3 Chinese Weekly Revision is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the syllabus words through topical exercises and bilingual word lists. This series includes various text types and questions aimed at improving students' Comprehension skills.

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