XIAOMI Smart Tower Fan

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XIAOMI Smart Tower Fan

Bring a cool gentle breeze

Bring a cool gentle breeze | Fine grille for child safety | All-round breeze | Smart voice control


Variable frequency DC fan

No direct blow, surrounded by a natural gentle breeze

Mi Smart Tower Fan features a gentle, variable, stable and quiet breeze.

The core advantage comes from the variable frequency DC motor, which has the advantages of lower noise, more stable operation and more energy saving.


An all-round natural breeze gets you away from a headache


Quiet and energy saving


100-level speed setting*

Variable wind speed, easy to achieve your desired airflow


Strong airflow blows away the summer heat quickly

It adopts the vortex cross-flow air duct design, with stable and comfortable rotating air exhaust of air duct. The super-long air duct forms a strong wind force with a maximum air output of 541 m³/h*, which can quickly blow away the summer heat.


10 Wind turbines*

Ultra-long air duct forms a wall wind force

35 Fan blades

More precise wind shear

682mm Ultra-large air outlet*

Wider ventilation area


Low noise and cool wind, let you sleep well

With the noise as low as 34.6 dB(A), it can operate smoothly and quietly, bringing a refreshing and sound sleep for the whole night.



Noice level 1*


Noise level 4*


150° ultra-wide angle three-dimensional ventilation
Cool down quickly and speed up air flow

With Mi Home app, it has adjustable angles of 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, and cool the room for the whole family.


A little bit to the left*


A little bit to the right*


6.9mm fine air outlet*

Protect your children's fingers

Bladeless wind outlet and fine grille can protect your children's fingers and avoid possible dangers.


Child lock prevents children from tampering with it


Mechanical microswitch, automatic power off after removal


Anti-overturning design, with safe and stable operation


Only 3.48kWh is required for a cool summer

With a power as low as 3.5 W, it has the power consumption of only 3.48 kWh* for a cool summer, and only consumes 1.19 kWh* for running for 6 days at the highest-grade air volume.


Smart voice control

With Google Assistant and ALexa speaker, you can turn on the tower fan and adjust the gear by sending a voice signal.


Mi Home app control

Operate from your phone at anytime and anywhere


Mi IoT smart connection*

Connect with a variety of smart home appliances through Mi Home app


8h timed shutdown

Smart control of use time

On the home page of the Mi Home app control panel, you can preset 2h, 4h, 6h and 8h; in the more settings of Mi Home app fan plug-in, you can set up to 7*24h timing.


It can be controlled by multiple people


Remote control


Small and does not need much space

The base part is only slightly larger than A4 paper.*

The cylindrical body of the tower fan brings a slender and elegant look can easily fit into any home decoration environment.


Top button settings

Operate without bending


ABS shell

Anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and discolouration-resistant


3-steps quick disassembly and cleaning of impeller

Clean ventilation, safer to use.


Step 1

Remove rear grille.


Step 2

Take out the impeller and clean it after removing the fixing screws


Step 3

Install back in place



2 Years Warranty

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