XIAOMI Robot Vacuum S10 EU

$399.00 $249.00

Product Features:

LDS laser navigation - Fast and precise mapping

4000Pa powerful suction fan blower - Vacuum all kinds of dirt

Zigzag and Y-shape cleaning routes - Significantly improves cleaning efficiency

Multiple sensors - Recognize complex surroundings

Smart water tank - Protect floors from water damage

Connect to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app - Clean mode customization

Product Specifications:

Model number - B106GL

Main unit dimensions - 350x94.5mm

Rated power - 45W

Rated voltage - 14.8V

Charging voltage - 20V

Weight - 4.8kg

 - Warranty Period 1 Year


Package Included:

1x Main unit

1x Main brush (Pre-installed)

1x 2-in-1 water tank and dust container (can be used in either vacuum or mop mode)

1x Side brush

1x Brush cover (Pre-installed)

1x Pad (Pre-installed on the mop frame)

1x Mop frame

1x Power adapter

1x Charging dock

1x Cleaning brush (open lid to access)

1x User manual

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