TARGUS Smart Surge 4 Pro USB-C PD 42w

$99.90 $49.90

First Surge Protector
with USB-C PD charging up to 42W!

Ideal for both home and office use. Targus SmartSurge Plus Surge Protector (APS20AP) can power up to 4 equipment and charge up to 2 additional USB devices. (USB-A x 1, USB-C x 1). Built-in surge protection protects your devices and equipment against overcharging.USB Smart Protection

Targus USB Smart detection automatically detects the exact charge required by the connected devices and delivers maximum charging speed accordingly (Total 42W max: USB-C 30W + USB-A 12W, USB-C charging alone can reach 42W).

- 4 standard outlets (250V/ 13A/ 3250 Max)
- 1 USB-C charging port, compatible with quick charge
- 1 USB-A charging port (5V/ 2.4A/ 12W Max)
- Surge Protection 1,440 JOULES
- 3 colors LED indicator for power status
- Circuit Breaker to avoid power overload
- 2-meter power cord
- Child Safety Shutter
- Non-flammable case, provides additional protection

Warranty Period: 2 years Local (Singapore) Manufacturer Warranty

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