Secondary 3 (G3) Chinese Weekly Revision 每周快捷华文课文复习

Assessment Book

《每周G3华文课文复习》紧密配合课文的生字新词,为每课 设计一个练习。每课练习前提供课文词表,方便学生复习课文 必学词语, 加深对学习内容的理解与掌握,并更有效地进行练习,取得事半功倍的效果。精编, 精选的短文内容生动有趣,文体多样化,能够让学生在练习的同时加强阅读能力,提高学习华文的兴趣。

G3 Chinese Weekly Revision is designed to enhance students’ understanding of the syllabus words through topical exercises and bilingual word lists. This series includes various text types and questions aimed at improving students’ Comprehension skills.

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