RAPID D.I.Y. EG Pen Glue Gun 7MM

Rapid EG Pen glue gun very compact, its ergonomic design allows its use for different applications. The ideal product to create your own decorations and crafts or to make small repairs.

Perfect for crafts, decorations and repairs. It can produce a thin line of molten adhesive or very small drops of glue. The ergonomic design of the soldering pen allows an ideal grip during use.

The Rapid EG Pen glue gun heats up in just 60 seconds!

It comes with its practical stand that includes a drip tray to collect
The last drop of glue. The holder allows this Rapid EG Pen soldering gun to cool without damaging the surrounding objects and makes it easier to store.

The EG PEN glue gun uses Rapid Arts & Crafts glue sticks, with a diameter of 7 mm. Available in various colors, colors with glitter or transparent.

  •  Glue sticks Ø 7 mm;
  •  Very short heating time of only 60 seconds;
  •  Red light on start indicator;
  •  Low weight: 180 gr;
  •  2 m long power cord;
  •  Clamping areas with high comfort;
  •  Pencil shape for greater accuracy and better grip;
  •  Practical support with drain tray included;
  •  Delivered in a sturdy FSC-certified box.

  • Power supply: 230V
  • Glue flow rate (G / H): 80 g / h
  • Heating time (Minutes): 1 min / 60 seconds
  • Field of use: Hobbies, crafts, decorations, small repairs
  • Glue stick application: Arts, Decorations, small repairs
  • Diameter / type of silicone rod: 7 mm
  • Start indicator: YES
  • Color: Blue
  • Range: Rapid
  • Usage: Home & office
  • Package Contents: 1 x Rapid EG Pen glue gun
  • Power (W): 80 W
  • Power cord: 2 m
  • Weight (without packaging): 180 gr
  • Weight (with packaging): 390 gr
  • Length; 250 mm
  • Width: 113 mm
  • Height: 62 mm
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