PSLE Topical Mathematics Drills

Assessment Book

Question by Question Drills
Modelled after the Latest PSLE Questions
Specimen Paper Provided
Full Worked Solutions Provided

PSLE Topical Maths Drills is written based on the belief that the best place to tap on success is the actual PSLE questions itself. The questions are all modelled strictly after the latest PSLE questions. The question by question drill format in this book is specially designed to:
- Facilitate pupils’ adaptation to the actual PSLE questions
- Allow pupils to familiarise themselves with the PSLE topics
- Expose pupils to the curriculum content coverage
- Build pupils’ confidence in handling questions through an intensive course of drills

A full specimen paper is provided after the topical practices to help pupils familiarise
themselves with the actual examination format. This will provide pupils with a firm
foundation for greater learning at advanced levels.
Full worked solutions are provided for all questions.

Book Author : Sheila Lim
Publisher Year : 2018
Book Pages : 452

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