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Assessment Book

Boost confidence in tackling PSLE-style application questions
Enhance ability to link and apply concepts
Enrich learning with additional online support

Written by an experienced teacher, this book is developed to boost pupils’ confidence in tackling intermediate to challenging multiple-choice and open-ended questions in the PSLE.

Boost Confidence in Tackling PSLE-Style Application Questions

• Be competent in the various types of application questions in the PSLE.
• Application questions are classified into three commonly tested types, namely Data-based, Experiment-centred and Real-life. Enhance Ability to Link and Apply Concepts
• Be exam-ready for the most challenging questions in the PSLE by practising the Cross-thematic Questions.
• These questions further hone concept-linking and application skills across the themes. Enrich Learning with Additional Online Support
• Learn and obtain more practice with the online resources available.

Author :Y. M. Htun
Publisher Year:2019
Book Pages :484

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