Nursery Chinese Learning Companion 华文小伙伴

Assessment Book

'- 书中的活动涵盖四大技能:
The activities in this book cover 4 major skills:
我会认 - 认字、认图
我会写 - 笔画、笔顺、部首
我会读 - 汉语拼音
我会说 - 反义词、句式

- “家长指导”辅助家长和老师教学,促进亲子互动。
“Tips for parents” assist parents and teachers in teaching, as well as
promote parent-child interaction.


Based on 2023 latest “Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework”, the activities in Chinese Learning Companion series allow Preschoolers to learn through play and develop the following areas:

to pick up fine motor skills

to grasp basic Chinese Language usage

to have a preliminary understanding of the local culture

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