Primary 5 Chinese Top the Class Term & Semestral Papers

Assessment Book

The Top the Class series aims to help pupils score well by providing questions that are modelled closely after those found in the papers of the top Singaporean schools and the PSLE. Such questions are often challenging and require higher-order

thinking skills. By practising these questions, pupils will have an understanding of the level of proficiency expected of them. To help pupils effectively, short analysis is provided for questions that are more challenging. Pupils will feel more confident when they sit for their weighted assessments and examinations after they have completed the papers in this series.

《全优华文学段测验》的测试项目参照新加坡优秀小学和 PSLE的试卷项目编写,各项习题精心设计,符合新加坡优秀小学的高水平。每一份测验提供充足的项目练习,能让学生熟悉出题方式。全套练习具挑战性,不仅能让学生发挥学习潜


Pages: 156

Author: 李妍

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