OMNI 24 Intense Water Soluble Colour Pencils

$11.80 $9.90

Highly Pigmented Brilliant, Vivid And Potent Water Soluble Colour Pencil.

- Behave well both dry and wet: use dry as a normal colour pencil and create beautiful, intense, clean and transparent water colour effect paintings with a wet brush over it, even when very little colour is applied on paper.
- 3.7mm DIAMETER LEAD: super break-resistant, smooth to apply with more colour lay down per stroke.
- Lead not too soft so points can be held longer (and therefore last longer) for detailed work yet creamy enough to apply large areas that need thick powerful and longer strokes with consistent colour.
- Colours blend very consistently and can easily handle multiple layers which allow for very dynamic and fun colour ranges.
- Distinctively unique colour range.
- Leads encased in superior quality sustainable re-forested wood to ensure freshness.
- CE NON-TOXIC: complies with EN71 European Safety Standard.  (FACT: water soluble colour pencil leads continuously absorb water from atmosphere so they weaken, break or cumble more easily with time. Do not dip pencils into water. Wet brush over the colours.)

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