OAXIS MyFirst Fone S3 Space WatchPhone

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4G Slim WatchPhone With Integrated myFirst Circle 

The myFirst Fone S3 is a smartwatch designed specifically for children. With a 1.4 inch square screen and a refined design, it comes with heart rate monitoring and a step tracking feature to help kids meet their daily fitness goals.

The FoneOS on the watch allows children to easily stay in touch with family and friends, and enjoy features like messaging and calls, music playback, 2MP camera, GPS tracking and fitness tracking all in one device, making it one of the coolest smartwatch for kids on the market. Warranty Period 1 Year.


*This model is only compatible in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East region.


Real-Time Communication

Communicate with your children using high-speed 4G cellular networks.
Both the myFirst Fone S3 and smartphone can converse in real-time through either voice or video calls.

4G LTE Smart Watchphone

It’s the best time for all the kids to enter the 4G world. With 4G LTE, myFirst Fone S3 empowers your kids with the freedom of cellular.
Experience faster and smoother performance for all of their favourite fitness, health and productivity features on this smart watch for kids.

New & Upgraded Operating System

FoneOS now allows your children to access the myFirst Circle app using their watchphone to Stay Connected with friends & families. Upgrade your watch firmware today and enjoy new and more advanced features with myFirst Fone!

Heart Rate Monitoring With High Heart Rate Alert

Monitor your child's activity with myFirst Fone S3's PPG (Photoplethysmography) Heart Rate Monitoring. Parents can set the high heart rate alert in the myFirst Circle App and once the watch detected the kid is running it will auto-detect the heart rate and will alert the user to slow down if exceeded the beats per minute set up by parents.

Precise Location

myFirst Fone S3 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently track their kids. Your child's travel history will be recorded at each set time. 

Customizable Watch Face

Have fun with a selection of new animated wallpapers! You can also customize the watch face with selfies or photos sent from others in the chat room.

Fitness Goals & Motivation

The activity tracker shows your achievement and encourages the young one to achieve their daily target. Each goals achieved are rewarded with unique badges. Be active and healthy while having lots of fun!


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