Lower Secondary (Exp) English Model Essays

Assessment Book
Avoid mental block with Suggested Approaches for each essay topic
Get the format right with notes and tips on each type of text
Improve your writing skill with Transitional Expressions and Vocabulary Focus
Hone your skills in both Situational Writing and Continuous Writing.

Lower Secondary English Model Essays is a collection of model essays designed to help students strengthen their skills in situational and continuous writing.

• Introductions to various types of text and notes on how to approach each particular text type

• Suggested Approaches for each model essay to identify the purpose of the topic and possible writing angles

• Vocabulary Focus which provides definitions of useful words and expressions

• Tips to Score in Writing to help students achieve key assessment criteria in Paper 1 of the English Language

Number of Pages: 272
Publication Year: 2021
Book Author: Lee Lin Cher

• List of Transitional Expressions for students to organise their essay effectively and add variety to their writing
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