Hello Kitty 益智游戏书系列:思考力益智书 - Hello Kitty puzzle game book series: Thinking puzzle book

Chinese Book

趣味好玩的Hello Kitty益智游戏书系列,有丰富的场景设计,多样化的益智题型设计,每个挑战都有着吸引人的剧情,引领小朋友进入Hello Kitty的梦想世界。每本书内容各设计了32款益智游戏,透过各个关卡指定完成任务,不但可增进小朋友解决问题的能力,让思考更灵活多元,还能提高对事物的逻辑思考力,与分析察觉的判断力。请小朋友们集中精神,跟着Kitty一起闯关吧!

Enter the fun and challenging world of Hello Kitty with the HelloKitty puzzle game book series! Each book features 32 mind-bending games and tasks that will enhance problem-solving skills, encourage flexible thinking, and improve logical and analytical abilities. Join Hello Kitty on a journey of imagination and growth.

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