HelloKitty益智游戏书系列:动动脑益智书 - HelloKitty puzzle game book series: brain-using puzzle book

Chinese Book

趣味好玩的Hello Kitty益智游戏书系列,有丰富的场景设计,多样化的益智题型设计,每个挑战都有着吸引人的剧情,引领小朋友进入Hello Kitty的梦想世界。每本书内容各设计了32 题益智游戏,透过各个关卡指定完成任务,不但可增进小朋友解决问题的能力,让思考更灵活多元,还能提高对事物的逻辑思考力,与分析察觉的判断力。请小朋友们集中精神,跟着Kitty一起闯关吧!

Introduce your child to the fun and exciting world of Hello Kitty with this puzzle game book series! With richly designed scenes and diverse puzzle challenges, each book features 32 brain-teasing games that will enhance problem-solving skills, promote flexible thinking, and improve logical analysis and judgement. Join Hello Kitty on her adventures and boost your child's cognitive abilities now!

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