Hello Kitty 梦幻舞会手作书

Chinese Book

快来加入Hello Kitty的梦幻舞会吧!本书收录8款可爱的手作小物,不用剪刀、方便制作,让孩子能亲手操作,学习拆、折、拼、贴等美劳技巧,同时训练手部肌肉发展与手眼协调能力,进而增进立体空间概念,藉由如此好玩的组合游戏,让孩子体验艺术创作的乐趣。
书中附赠的3D宝石贴纸(颜色随机),可让孩子自由黏贴,创作专属自己的美丽作品,想不想试试看呢?欢迎你带着心爱的作品和Hello Kitty一起参加梦幻舞会!

Join Hello Kitty's dreamy dance party! This book includes 8 adorable DIY projects that are easy to make without scissors. Let your child learn crafting skills like cutting, folding, and pasting while developing hand-eye coordination and 3D spatial concepts. With the bonus 3D gem stickers, your child can create their own beautiful masterpieces. Come join the party with Hello Kitty and unleash your inner artist!

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