Hello Kitty 认识时间时钟书 - Hello Kitty Time Clock Book

Chinese Book

可爱的Hello Kitty 跟你一起认识时间啰!看看Hello Kitty 精采的一天都做些什么呢?她几点上学?几点上音乐课?几点与朋友一起共进午餐?下课后她又如何安排休闲活动呢?一边学习图中物品的英文单字,一边拨动时钟指针,学习认识时间,有Hello Kitty 的陪伴,相信你一定能学得又快又好喔!

Discover the joy of learning time with the adorable Hello Kitty Time Clock Book. Explore Hello Kitty's day as she goes to school, attends music lessons, and hangs out with friends. Learn English vocabulary while adjusting the clock hands. With Hello Kitty by your side, learning time has never been so fun and easy!

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