Feel-Good Productivity: How to Achieve More of the Things That Matter

English Book
We're told that to achieve more we need to work longer, focus harder, sacrifice more. But it's a lie.

Because the secret to true productivity isn't graft. It's joy.

In this revolutionary book, Ali Abdaal, Cambridge-educated doctor and the world's most-followed productivity expert, offers a scientifically proven way to get more done - by finding radical pleasure in everything you do. He starts by introducing the three 'energisers' that make work invigorating rather than draining - Power, Play and People. Then he delves into cutting-edge science that reveals how to integrate these forces into your daily routine - so you end every day feeling uplifted rather than exhausted.

The result is a revolutionary way to get more done without stressing out, freaking out or burning out. It is the first productivity book that is 100% guaranteed to not ruin your life.
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