HANSVISION E Dictionary PX2221

Product Description
Introducing the Creative PX2221 e-dictionary, your ultimate companion for mastering Chinese characters and improving composition writing skills!

With its extensive content and user-friendly interface, the PX2221 e-dictionary is tailored to meet the needs of local primary and secondary students. It has been approved by the SEAB and is permitted to be used within examination halls. No more worries about forgetting a critical character or struggling to find the right vocabulary during crucial moments.

The PX2221 is ahead of the competition, offering unique features not found elsewhere. It’s packed with additional new vocabulary words, including local phrases and sample sentences and more. Plus, explore a new stroke order demonstration function and a brand-new Chinese character matching learning tool.

Experience the all-in-one solution for your Chinese language learning journey today!

Main Features:
• Approved for use in Chinese composition examinations by SEAB (Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board)
- Warranty Period 1 Year
• User-friendly Interface:
   - Compact and portable size
   - 5-inch colour screen
   - high character count per screen, large and clear text
   - allow zoom-in to bigger font display

• Multiple input methods:
   - 4 input methods: Pinyin, Bushou, Stroke Search and Handwriting input, allowing students to choose one that best suit them
   - Smart Pinyin input system includes full Pinyin input and using a various combination with tone or consonant input, etc., allowing students to search for words/phrases easily
   - Wildcard input function: Using (?) and (*) to search for unknown character(s). (?) to search for one unknown word, (*) to search for multiple unknown words.
   - Cross searching function: instantly bring up the explanation for any words/phrases highlighted

• Full text reading and pronunciation capability:
The pronunciation for basic words is real voice recorded while the explanations/examples are read using TTS (Text-to-Speech).

• Carefully curated content:
Over 30-years history of localized dictionary. Compiled by a panel of experts who have carefully accessed the learning and writing needs of students; commonly used local words such as 新加坡、乐龄、组屋区 are included.

• Improved and Innovative dictionaries:
Additional new words has been included the Chinese-Chinese dictionary with clear and concise explanations provided. PX2221 also includes Chinese idiom dictionary, colloquial dictionary, and picture dictionary, ideal for visual learners. Together, these make learning Chinese easier for students.

• Composition Writing Assistance:
PX2221 assists students in enriching their vocabulary knowledge by providing various resources related to words and characters. These resources help students improve their composition writing skills and include:
   - Basic stroke order
   - (New!) Stroke demonstrations
   - Commonly used Bushou
   - Commonly used quantifiers
   - Punctuation marks
   - Chinese character structure
   - (New!) Chinese character combinations

• Useful Learning Resources:
These learning and writing resources include:
   - Appreciation of Tang Poems
   - Appreciation of Song Lyrics
   - Hundred Family Surnames
   - Three-Character Classic
   - Standards for Being a Good Student/Child
   - Kinship Terms for Family’s Members & Relatives
   - Pinyin Knowledge
Packaging Content:
One e-Dictionary model - PX2221
One set of ear-piece
One Type-C USB charging cable
One touch screen stylus
One screen protector
One protective case

e-Dictionary - 194 g

e-Dictionary - 14.8 x 7.5 x 1.1 cm
e-Dictionary with protective case: 15 x 9.3 x 1.3 cm
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