Primary 4 Tackling Higher Chinese Language Usage 专攻高级华文语文应用

Assessment Book

语文应用是小学华文考试的主要项目之一, 考核范围以课文词语为主。本系列根据高级华文课本《欢乐伙伴》编写, 旨在帮助学生专攻语文应用题。本系列提供经典试题并附上各类语文应用题目的答题技巧,让学生轻松拿下这个项目的分数。书中也提供每课词语表和精选复习材料,以巩固学生所学,有效地帮助学生攻下语文应用项目。

Developed based on the latest Primary Higher Chinese textbooks, Tackling Higher Chinese Language Usage series aims to boost pupils’ competency in the Language Usage component in the Primary Chinese examinations.

Besides practices, this series also comes with word lists, commonly-tested questions, answering techniques and revision materials to reinforce pupils’ knowledge and skills in tackling the component.

Author : Xi Jun
Publisher Year:2023
Book Pages :160

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