BOSTIK Leather Repair 20ml

Bostik Leather Repair Clear Glue is a general purpose, solvent-borne adhesive, the dried film of which is virtually colourless and non-staining. It is quick drying, clean to use and provides strong, water-resistant bonds with excellent aging properties. Bostik Leather Repair Clear Glue will bond a wide variety of materials including metals, wood, glass, china, leather, felt, canvas, paper, cardboard, certain fabrics, PVC and some other plastics. It will bond all these materials to themselves or to each other and also plaster, stone and concrete. Bostik Leather Repair Clear Glue is suitable for many assembly and repair applications in and around the home and other locations. Typical items on which it is used are handbags, luggage, lampshades, picture frames, upholstery, jewellery, books, china and marquetry pieces.
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