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Sun Tzu's 5th century BC military manual, The Art of War, revolutionized warfare when it was written. In the millennia since, its sage advice has been applied to fields as varied as business, leadership, warfare, politics and everyday life.

In this fascinating guide, business journalist Dominic Hale helps you interpret the classic work to show you how to apply its advice to becoming a better leader. Showing you how to effectively motivate your workforce, pursue bold new strategies and understand your competitors, Sun Tzu's wisdom proves equally applicable to the business world. This edition includes the entire unabridged text of the original The Art of War, so you can easily refer back to the classic text.

In this work, you will discover:

- The traits that make a great leader
- How to develop your own management skills
- How to get the most out of your team
- How to see to the heart of a problem and come up with effective solutions

By taking examples from the modern business world in a variety of different industries, The Art of War Guide to Business Leadership shows you how to become a better leader by learning from ancient wisdom.

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