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There are lots of laughs at every level in The 169-Storey Treehouse, from the worldwide bestselling Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

Andy and Terry have added thirteen new levels and built their biggest and most astonishing treehouse yet! It has everything they―and you―could wish for including: an electric pony stable, a Santa Land, a NOISY level, a kangaroo-riding range, a weather dome (where you can have whatever weather you want whenever you want it), an 100% edible gingerbread house and a potato-powered translation transmitter that allows you to talk to everything everywhere all at the same time.

There's also a hall of funhouse mirrors, which is the perfect place to hide from Mr Bunkoff who is trying to catch Andy, Terry and Jill in order to send them to SCHOOL.

But Anti-Andy, Terrible Terry and Junkyard Jill - their trouble-making opposites - are trapped in one of the mirrors ―and they want out. (Oh, and Mr Big Nose wants them to write their book … RIGHT NOW.)

Can our heroes escape school, do battle with their doppelgängers AND meet their book deadline?
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