Are You Team Physical or Digital Books?

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By Felicia Chua


Both casual and avid readers bond over the love for books and reading, but one longstanding debate plagues the community – are physical or digital books superior?


Traditionalists would argue that physical books are the irreplaceable OG, appreciating the reassuring weight and the woody, nostalgic whiff of a physical book in their hands. The greatest merit of physical books, in our opinion, is perhaps in the joy of adorning rows of empty bookshelves, a lifelong dream for many book lovers building a cosy library of their own.  


On the other hand, tech-savvy digital natives with a penchant for minimalism may find physical books cumbersome. Ditch the bulk and bring your reads on the go in one nifty, lightweight eReader device, they say. With the ability to store an astronomical number of books, what’s not to love!


Either way, as long as we book lovers get to indulge in our favourite activity, does it really matter how it’s done? For the bookworms out there looking to expand your reading options, we’ve specially curated 3 of the best Kobo eReaders you can consider!


Kobo Libra 2

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Want to relax by the pool or beach with a good book but worried about getting the pages soaked? The waterproof Kobo Libra 2 is the perfect device to put your worries to rest. What’s more, the improved 7” E Ink glare-free touch screen allows you to bask under the sun while indulging in your reads without the blinding glare in your eyes. Featuring an ergonomic curved design, choose to read in landscape or portrait mode and toggle between pages with responsive page-turn buttons for ultimate convenience and comfort!


Kobo Sage

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Breeze through your busy day with the functional Kobo Sage. Create personalised notes with the built-in notebook feature, annotate your favourite lines in your eBooks, and more with the intuitive Kobo Stylus! Wind down before bedtime with a delightful array of Kobo Audiobooks, paired with Bluetooth® wireless technology. With 32GB of storage, you’ll never run out of space for your beloved reads!


Kobo Clara HD 6” eReader

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Be it day or night, read to your heart’s content with the Kobo Clara, optimised with ComfortLight PRO technology and 6” HD E Ink touch screen to reduce eye strain. Customise your reading experience with over 50 font sizes and 12 font types, as well as adjust brightness and colour temperature to reduce blue light before bedtime.


For the full Kobo eReader catalogue, head to Popular Online to browse and make your purchase today!

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