The 90s Kids: Then VS Now

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Nostalgia is good, but we feel like a centenarian.

Do all you 90s kids still feel like a kid deep down? Well, this list is about to change that.

1. Nintendo Game Boy vs Nintendo Switch
    white nintendo game boy on white table
    Image Source: Unsplash

    The Nintendo Game Boy is a classic childhood luxury for every 90s kid, and we lived our days in the company of an 8-bit Super Mario. Now say hello to the Nintendo Switch with its gorgeous graphics and open-world mechanics, and tell us this isn't way cooler! The Switch packs 3 different modes – handheld, tabletop, and docked, on just one console. Pre-order your own now at $549!

    2. Chinese Dictionary book vs e-Dictionary

      How do you spot an A* student in an exam hall? Look at the thickness of their dictionary at the Chinese composition exam. Nothing less than 2,000 pages can possibly satisfy them. These days, all a child needs is an e-dictionary screen, and suddenly, there's no fear of mixing up 哀, 衰and 衷. Grab Besta All Pass 5 E-Dictionary at $64.90, free gift with purchase (limited to first 200 orders)!

      3. Pilot Rexgrip Pen vs Pilot Juice Pen

      Pilot Rexgrip pens aren’t just a staple for students, but for many teachers too! While students today are equipped with iPads, the colourful selection of the new Pilot Juice pens still gets kids splurging at the school bookshop.

      4. Nike Spray Water Bottle vs Printed Water Bottle

      A water fight with balloons is classic, but water fights with Nike Spray Water bottles are legendary (even if it was somewhat gross). Do you know a legend who never got drenched during these fights? They won't be impressed with the BPA-free printed water bottles these days, that's for sure. But hey, it helps you monitor your water intake and healthy kids are the coolest kids, right?

      5. Multi-purpose pencil case vs Exam Mesh Pouch

      Pencil cases in the 90’s rarely function merely as pencil cases. Like a Swiss army knife, these bulky behemoths pack various functions such as pop-out drawers, in-built sharpeners and even scissors. As part of today’s minimalistic trend, mesh pouches represent the exact opposite; a streamlined, lightweight pouch used to carry stationery. Grab yours at $6.90 here!

      6. Uni-Ball Glitter Colour Pens Vs Zebra Sarasa Pens



      No "roses are red" poem on an autograph book is complete without the Uni-ball glitter pens. How else do you say friends forever, if not by leaving trails of glitter on your BFF's hands? Kids these days also have metallic and pastel colours to choose from with the Zebra Sarasa pens.

      7. Flag Eraser Vs Stabilo Exam Grade Eraser

      Flag erasers are not stationery, they are weaponry and wager for a battle to the death. If you know, you know. Today, the Stabilo Exam Grade Eraser (12 pieces at $7) reign supreme. They erase cleanly, leave minimal traces, and won't harden or crack with age as the flag erasers do.


      While many things have changed (including our hair volume and pant size), it’s nice to know some things stay the same.

      8. Plus Correction Tape

      The Plus correction tape is one stationery that never goes out of style. Plus, now you get plenty of limited-edition designs based on Pokémon and Demon Slayer collaborations!

      9. Carl Sharpener

      Taking time out at the end of every day to sharpen every one of your wooden pencils was oddly therapeutic. And the evergreen Carl Sharpener was truly a therapist like no other.



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