3M Scotch Heavy Duty Rough Surfaces Mounting Tape KH19


KH-19 Scotch® Vhb™ Mounting Tape Is A Very High Bond Industrial Quality Tape That Is Suitable For Most Rough And Uneven Surfaces.
Metal, Tiles, Wood Surfaces Mounting Tape
Excellent For Mounting On Most Rough And Uneven Surfaces
Weather-Resistant And Holds Securely
Grey In Colour
Stainless Steel To Stainless Steel Up To 510G Per 2Cm Of Tape
Tiles To Tiles Up To 400G Per 2Cm Of Tape
Plywood To Plywood Up To 450G Per 2Cm Of Tape
Faster, Safer, And More Versatile Than Screws, Drills, Bolts And Nuts
Indoor & Outdoor - Metal, Glass, Tiles & Wood (Rough & Uneven Surfaces)

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