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Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company founded in 2010 that has quickly grown to become one of the world's largest smartphone makers. In recent years, Xiaomi has expanded into smart home devices, including robot vacuums. Xiaomi's robot vacuum brand Roborock was established in 2014 and has since become a top competitor in the global robot vacuum market. By combining high-tech features with affordable pricing, Xiaomi's robot vacuums like the Robot Vacuum X10+ have quickly gained popularity worldwide.

Key Features

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ stands out for its robust suction power and intelligent navigation capabilities. With 4000Pa of suction, it easily lifts dust, debris, and pet hair from any surface. This powerful suction allows it to deep clean carpets and remove embedded dirt from hard floors.

In terms of navigation, the X10+ utilizes advanced mapping technology and multiple sensors to scan and map rooms efficiently. It methodically cleans in neat rows, avoiding missed spots and accidental collisions. The built-in LDS navigation system generates real-time maps, allowing you to customize cleaning patterns through the app. With precision mapping, you can set virtual no-go zones and invisible barriers.

Another key feature is the X10+'s ability to identify carpets and automatically increase suction when rolling over them. This ensures carpets get the extra power needed for a deeper clean. Overall, the robust suction power and intelligent navigation of the X10+ allow it to deliver an impeccable clean throughout the home.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ makes cleaning effortless and convenient with features like scheduling cleaning times, remote control via mobile app, and a self-charging station. The scheduling feature allows you to set up the robot's cleaning patterns based on your availability and needs - whether that's daily, weekly, or any customized schedule. With the mobile app, you can activate cleaning from anywhere at the touch of a button. The robot vacuum can also be controlled in real-time to spot clean messes as they happen.

The self-charging capability ensures you never have to worry about manually recharging the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+. When battery gets low, it will automatically return to the docking station for a power boost, then resume cleaning thereafter. This allows for continuous, uninterrupted cleaning sessions. The convenience of scheduling, remote operation, and automated charging makes housekeeping tasks a breeze.

Advanced Technology

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ utilizes advanced technology to provide superior cleaning performance. Some of the key technological features include:

  • Sensors - The vacuum is equipped with a full suite of sensors to map rooms and detect obstacles. These include cliff sensors to detect stairs, wall sensors to navigate around walls and furniture, infrared sensors to detect delicate objects like vases, and drop sensors to detect heights and avoid falls.

  • AI and Navigation - The X10+ uses AI-powered algorithms to intelligently map rooms and determine efficient cleaning paths. This allows the robot to methodically clean each room and avoid getting stuck. The navigation system ensures the robot doesn't bump into or get tangled around furniture.

  • Obstacle Avoidance - With advanced mapping and navigation capabilities, the X10+ is able to avoid common obstacles like shoes, wires, and pet toys. The sensors constantly scan the surroundings to detect objects in real-time and automatically steer clear of them. This prevents the robot from getting stuck mid-clean.

The integration of these innovative technologies allows the X10+ to deliver a highly-advanced, automated cleaning experience customized to your home's layout and needs. The smart navigation ensures full floor coverage and minimal human intervention.


The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ exemplifies the future of home cleaning technology. With its powerful suction, intelligent navigation, and advanced mapping features, it delivers exceptional automated cleaning for busy modern households. No longer will vacuuming feel like a chore - simply schedule cleaning times or activate quick cleanings whenever needed. Control is at your fingertips via the intuitive Xiaomi app.

Investing in the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X10+ means investing in convenience, cleanliness, and simplicity. Experience next-level clean whenever and wherever you want it. Bring this revolutionary cleaning solution into your home today for a happier and healthier living environment.



Comes with 1 year local manufacturer warranty.

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