The Wonderful World of Words Volume 10: The Queen's Soldiers

English Book
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A collection of 10 full-colour activity books that will make English language learning fun as children acquire grammar systematically through stories.

The Wonderful World of Words (WOW) teaches children about the different word classes as the first step to building a good foundation in grammar. Each of these word classes in the WOW Kingdom is represented by a royal character so children learn how the different classes of words are used and how they interact with other words. Linked to the story set in the WOW kingdom is another story about the animals in the forest of WOW, to reinforce the concepts covered in each volume.

Volume 10 - The Queen's Soldiers

Focus: Singular nouns have verbs with -s. Plural nouns have verbs with no -s.


Author: Dr. Lubna Alsagoff

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