Secondary 2 Intensive Vocabulary Drills (Exp)

Assessment Book
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Specially written to broaden students' mental lexicon
Students will learn vocabulary from a wide range of topics
Example sentences are provided to teach students how these words are used

This series aims to improve students' grasp on the English language by enhancing and broadening their mental lexicon. With a wider vocabulary, students will be able to improve their proficiency in the English language. By widening their vocabulary, students will not only be able to score well in their examination, but they would also be able to better express themselves.
Each book in the series is split into 12 units, each covering a specific component or theme. Vocabulary banks are included in each unit so as to teach students the meanings as well as usage of various words by providing their definitions and example sentences. Exercises after each vocabulary bank as well as 20 revision practices are also included to reinforce what has been taught.

Author :Kelvin Yap
Publisher Year:2020
Book Pages :248

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