Secondary 2 (G3) Chinese Exam Complete Papers 1-3 QR

Assessment Book

- 根据《华文伴我行 》G3(快捷)华文课本编写
- Written based on latest MOE G3 syllabus Chinese textbook

- 依照中学常见考试题型编写
- Follows commonly-tested components in school examinations

- 附答题技巧、范文旁注和难题解释
- Appended with answering techniques, annotated model essays and
explanations for challenging questions

This book covers different types of passages and questions that may be tested in school examinations. Taking these mock papers will help you to:
- prepare for the actual examination by taking these papers under exam conditions
- assess your exam-readiness by taking the papers at regular intervals
- identify areas that need more attention

Book pages: 236

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