PSLE Science Trending Exam Questions QR

Assessment Book

Strengthen understanding of concepts and hone skills
Identify areas for improvement with online pre-tests and diagnostic reports
Further develop higher-order thinking skills with online non-routine problems

Developed for Primary 5 and 6 pupils taking Science PSLE, questions in Trending Examination Questions: PSLE Science are designed to simulate the most recent actual PSLE questions (MCQs and OEQs).

Attempting these questions exposes pupils to alternative contexts and/or phrasings and helps them focus on the concepts and skills tested in the most recent Science PSLE papers.
This book also comes with online resources, such as:

• diagnostic reports - help pupils identify area(s) that need strengthening
• video explanations - help pupils unpack the most challenging or ‘killer’ questions, and understand the abstract concepts involved and the thinking process leading to the answers

Author :Tan Peng Yeon
Publisher Year:2015
Book Pages :368

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