PSLE English Exam Paper Package with USB

Assessment Book

8 complete sets of examination papers
– Paper 1 (Writing)
– Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension)
– Paper 3 (Listening Comprehension)
– Paper 4 (Oral Communication)
• Detailed explanations provided for answers

This book is specially written to cater to the needs of pupils taking the PSLE English examination. It includes 8 sets of complete papers to provide essential and comprehensive practice so that pupils will be familiar with the examination format and types of questions in each component.

Furthermore, detailed explanations are provided for all questions to allow pupils to understand how the answers are derived. Suggested approaches are also included for compositions to help pupils understand how to develop their ideas. The book also comes with a USB card, which contains audio files for Listening Comprehension texts to simulate actual examination conditions. Audio files for the reading passages and answers for stimulus-based conversation for the Oral Communication section are also provided to serve as a reference for pupils.

Author :Claire Leow
Publisher Year:2018
Book Pages :448

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