Primary 6A Higher Chinese Weekly Revision

Assessment Book

《每周华文课文复习》是根据最新的华文课本《欢乐伙伴》编写而成, 作业的出题方式完全配合校方规定的题型。《每周高级华文课文复习》也按照校方每个学段的教学进度,为学生提供每周一课复习, 以巩固每周所学到的课文生词,让学生充分做好考试前的准备。

Chinese Weekly Revision is all about the power of consistent practice. It provides a methodical structure for students to revise English at an appropriate and regular pace. Each week, students practise important components of the language such as grammar, vocabulary, composition, and comprehension. Students who commit to regular practice will build a strong foundation in the subject, which is critical for the first years of primary school.

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