Primary 4 Complete Practice Book for Gramar, Vocabulary & Comprehension (3ED)

Assessment Book

The Complete Practice Book for Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension series aims to provide pupils with comprehensive practice for all Paper 2 (Language Use and Comprehension) components to develop their mastery of the English language.

To supplement pupils’ learning, this book offers:
* 100 Grammar MCQ practices
* 100 Vocabulary MCQ practices
* 25 Grammar Cloze practices
* 25 Vocabulary Cloze practices
* 25 Editing practices
* 25 Synthesis and Transformation practices
* 10 Comprehension Cloze practices
* 10 Visual Text Comprehension practices
* 10 Comprehension Open-ended practices

Pupils can reinforce their learning through targeted practice. Pupils who have attempted all the exercises will see marked improvements in their schoolwork and assessment tasks.


Book Author: Naazneen Abdeali

Publication Year: 2022

Book Pages: 388

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