Primary 4 Commonly Tested Science Exam Questions

Assessment Book

Commonly-tested Science Examination Questions is a series of four books
designed in accordance with the latest primary Science syllabus issued by the
Ministry of Education. Each book is specially tailored to provide pupils with
ample practice on PSLE-style questions which are adapted from Singapore’s
top primary schools. The practices are arranged topically to facilitate pupils’
mastering of frequently-tested Science concepts in an orderly manner.
Each book includes an introductory section comprising numerous useful
answering techniques to enhance pupils’ approach in tackling multiple-choice
and open-ended questions in examinations.

Each chapter in the book comprises two main sections:
• Commonly-tested questions
This section contains commonly-tested questions. By attempting these
questions, pupils gain more exposure to commonly-tested Science concepts.
Hence, they are able to reinforce their understanding better.

Number of Book Pages: 192
Year of Publisher: 2017
Author: Weber Wong

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