Primary 3 阅读理解这样做 Chinese Comprehension : Step by Step

Assessment Book

• 集阅读方法、理解技巧和练习于一册,帮助学生一步步学会阅读内容、掌握理解技巧。
• 内容注有汉语拼音,为生难字词、学习技巧图表提供华英解释,书末附“技巧总复习”,实用有效。
• 全书彩色精印,内容多样有趣、插画生动,饶富趣味的练习题及总复习(附参考答案)。

Primary school students are in a crucial phase in their learning journey to develop good learning habits.

This book enables Primary 3 students to start mastering reading comprehension in Chinese with ease:
• Learn reading comprehension with ease through comprehension techniques and practices.
• Hanyu pinyin included. English translation for techniques and difficult new words, with a summary of techniques.
• Appealing full-colour print. Fun presentation and exercises.
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