Primary 2 Intensive Maths Drills (3ED)

Assessment Book
Intensive Maths Drills is a series of six books written in accordance with the latest MOE Primary Mathematics

To help pupils develop competency and optimise learning in a progressive manner, questions in this book are organised into three difficulty levels, with two practices for each difficulty level.

Level 1
Level 1 questions test fundamental concepts covered in each topic.
These questions help to build the foundation needed to excel in the

Level 2
Level 2 questions allow pupils to strengthen their ability to apply and integrate two or more concepts in the topic. These questions build on pupils’ existing foundation and prepare them to solve challenging questions in Level 3.

Level 3
Level 3 questions assess pupils further on the integration and application of concepts covered in the topic. These questions require pupils to use higher-order thinking skills to solve.

Answers with full worked solutions are provided to help pupils understand the questions and the concepts involved. This book is an excellent tool in helping Primary 2 pupils
develop a strong foundation in Mathematics.
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