Primary 1 Complete Practice Book Vocabulary & Comprehension

Assessment Book

Grammar Multiple-choice
Vocabulary Multiple-choice
Grammar Cloze
Vocabulary Cloze
Comprehension Visual Text
Comprehension Multiple-choice
Comprehension Open-ended
Continual Assessment 1 & 2
Semestral Assessment 1 & 2

Complete Practice Book for Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension follows the Ministry of Education English Language syllabus closely.
This book comprises 2000 multiple-choice questions on Grammar and Vocabulary, grouped according to grammar items and vocabulary themes. There are also 25 grammar cloze practices, 25 vocabulary cloze practices, 10 comprehension visual text practices and 10 comprehension open-ended practices for intensive practice throughout the year.
Continual Assessment 1 & 2 and Semestral Assessment 1 & 2 are included to allow pupils to assess their progress. Through repeated practice, pupils will be able to build a sound foundation in the English Language and gain greater confidence when sitting for their examinations.

Author :Josephine Yee
Publisher Year:2015
Book Pages :368

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