POP BAZIC Colour File Separator

$7.90 $5.00
Color :

1、Unique Design: All our Pantry Storage Bins are ventilated and hollow, which is conducive to ventilation. You can easily see the items in the basket. The opening is easy to take and makes you more efficient in housework time.
2、Sturdy and Durable: Food Storage Basket is made of quality PP material, which is shatterproof, waterproof, and dustproof. It is easy to clean and maintain.
3、Muti-purpose Use: Our Pantry Bins can be widely used in homes, offices, kitchens, or storage rooms to store food, snacks, potato chips, canned food, books, documents, clothing, bath supplies, gadgets, hobbies, and handicraft parts.
4、Space Saving: The stylish and modular design will help you maximize and use your space possible. Pantry Organizers will help you organize your things.
5、With Handle: The Storage Basket is designed with a handle, which is convenient and labor-saving to carry things. It is a great organizer for storing small tools and craft parts.


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