Peace with Nature: 50 Inspiring Essays on Nature and the Environment

English Book

This book is a must-read for all who love nature and the environment. It contains 50 inspiring essays written by Singaporeans and friends who share their perspectives, expertise and experience — as scientists, lawyers, economists, engineers, bankers, government officers, and civil society — all linked by a love for nature, for the environment, and for Singapore. The essays focus on the protection and preservation of Singapore's rich biodiversity (primates, colugos, otters, butterflies, dragonflies, stick-insects, birds, coral reefs, mangroves and sea grasses); efforts to save special areas (the Lower Peirce Reservoir, Chek Jawa, Sungei Buloh, the Rail Corridor and the first marine nature reserve); the contributions of NGOs (Nature Society, Herpetological Society, Waterways Watch Society); and the efforts of scholars, the government and the private sector to ensure a clean and green City in Nature, amidst the challenges of limited space and climate change.

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