OMNI Trigo Jumbo Color Pencils With Sharpener 12 Colors


OMNI Trigo Colour Pencils are specially formulated colour pencils for young kids. The Triangular barrel encourages correct pencil grip to learn how to write and draw. Colour leads are encased in superior quality re-forested wood to ensure lead freshness.


  • Triangle Barrel: Increase finger contact with pencil hence it is easier to hold, especially for small hands.
  • Smooth Colouring: Super soft, smooth and easy to apply to allow for more expressive strokes.
  • Bright vibrant Colours: Bright, vibrant and distinctively unique colours.
  • Superior Lead: Strong and tough leads, easy to sharpen and break-resistant.
  • CE Non-Toxic: Complies with European safety standard - Suitable for children above 3 years old
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