OMNI 6 Colours Acrylic Paint Set 45cc Tube


Highly Pigmented Brilliant, Vivid And Potent Water Soluble Colour Pencil.

- Bright, strong and clean colours.
- Smooth and easy to apply and blend, retains colour brilliance after mixing.
- Use straight from the tube in thick, creamy and soft buttery layers, retaining brush and painting knife strokes, to create the appearance of oil or thinned to achieve a watercolour effect.
- Waterproof and fade-resistant after dry with a semi-gloss finish.
- Dries quickly to allow multiple colour layering but not long enough to prevent hassle-free colour blending which is important to schools and hobbyists who can store away their fully dried up art piece shortly after an art session without damaging it.
- Good lightfastness: use indoors, outdoors and in all weather conditions.
- Adheres strongly to applied surfaces like paper, cardboard, canvas, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, wood, white clay, cotton, leather and other non-oily or non-glossy surfaces.
- Ideal for painting, design, collage, layering, fine-brush work, glazing, staining, screen-printing and a variety of mixed media applications.
- NON-TOXIC: comply with CE EN71 PART 3 European Safety Standard. Safe for children use above 3 years old
- Acid-free. Available in :
12cc, 12 Cols : Carmine Red, Scarlet Red, Yellow Mid, Lemon Yel, French Green, Emerald Green, Ultra-Marine, Phtha Blue, Yel Ochre, Burnt Umber Light, Black, Titanium White

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