O Level Chinese Model Essays QR - 4ED

Assessment Book
O Level Chinese Model Essays is a collection of model essays designed to help students strengthen their skills in essay writing.

• 本书介绍各种写作文体,讲解如何掌握个别特定文体的写作。
Each section in the book begins with an introduction to the type of text and notes on how to approach that particular text type. This helps ensure that students get the format right.

Each essay question is accompanied by a section on “Suggested Approaches”, which helps students to avoid writers' block by exploring different writing angles for a topic.

•本书也附上词汇重点的部分,从每篇范文中选出一些重点常用词汇,注上读音和解释,收录于文章后边的 “小词典”。
Each essay comes with a section on“Vocabulary Focus ”,which provides definitions for useful words and expressions.
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