O Level Biology 1000+ Struct&Free Response Question QR

Assessment Book

Deepen understanding of learning outcomes required in O Level

Enhance ability to link and apply concepts

Make revision more effective

Developed by experienced teachers who have prepared multiple batches of students for the GCE O level examinations, O Level Biology 1000+ Structured and Free-response Questions aims to boost student’s scores in Paper 2.

Deepen students’ understanding of Learning Outcomes (LO) required in O level
• Wide variety of questions, to provide a thorough review of all essential concepts in O level

Enhance ability to link and apply concepts
• Multitude of data-based questions testing on more than one concept, to hone concept-linking and application skills

Make students’ revision more effective
• Online Diagnostic Table, to help students pinpoint concepts they are weak in
• Online Extra Practices, to support students who need the extra mile
• Online Videos, to aid in the understanding of challenging concepts

Author :Y. M. Htun
Publisher Year:2020
Book Pages :248

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