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Welcome to the Flower Kingdom

Super Mario Bros. Wonder takes players to the magical Flower Kingdom, a vibrant new setting filled with wonder and imagination. In this latest 2D platforming adventure, Mario explores sprawling levels filled with colorful scenery, quirky inhabitants, and mysterious flora.

The story begins when Mario receives a mysterious letter inviting him to the Flower Kingdom. Once he arrives, Mario discovers that the kingdom has been overrun by the evil Kamek and his army of Magikoopas. They have stolen the Wonder Flowers - magical flowers that grant special powers - and it's up to Mario to defeat Kamek and restore peace to the Flower Kingdom.

Join Mario as he travels through jungles, deserts, seaside cliffs and more on his quest to reclaim the Wonder Flowers. Explore levels bursting with new enemies, obstacles, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered. The Wonder Flowers transform Mario with amazing abilities that will help him save the Flower Kingdom from ruin. It's an exciting new adventure for the legendary hero!

Transform with Wonder Flowers

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Mario encounters magical Wonder Flowers that give him special powers. The three main Wonder Flowers are the Elephant Fruit, Bubble Flower, and Drill Mushroom.

The Elephant Fruit transforms Mario into a giant elephant that can smash through walls and obstacles. The Bubble Flower allows Mario to float gently through the air, defying gravity. Finally, the Drill Mushroom transforms Mario into a drill that can tunnel through the ground.

These Wonder Flowers give Mario exciting new abilities to explore levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Fans can't wait to try out these creative power-ups when the game launches.

Play as Iconic Characters

Choose between classic Mario characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Toad! Super Mario Bros. Wonder features 12 playable characters in total, the most ever in a mainline Super Mario game.

Play as the heroic Mario and use his balanced running and jumping abilities to explore the Flower Kingdom. Or choose Luigi and take advantage of his slightly higher jumps to reach hidden areas. Each character has their own playstyle that makes traversing the landscape fun. Discover who you mesh with the most while wandering through wondrous worlds!

Co-op Multiplayer

Play together with family and friends in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The game supports both local and online cooperative multiplayer for 2-4 players. Team up to defeat enemies, discover hidden secrets and reach the goal pole. Take on the adventure together for an enhanced social experience.

Accessible Gameplay

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for gamers of all ages and skill levels. The game eases players in with a gentle difficulty curve, ensuring beginners are not overwhelmed. The option for co-op multiplayer also allows friends and family to help each other through trickier sections. Overall, the accessibility and charm of Super Mario Bros. Wonder makes it a wonderful choice for gamers of all skill levels looking to explore the Mushroom Kingdom.

Powerful Power-Ups

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces brand new power-ups called Wonder Flowers that give Mario amazing abilities. Each of the Wonder Flowers provide Mario with unique abilities to access new areas and find hidden secrets throughout the game. Players will have a blast experimenting with the powers granted by these inventive new power-ups as they journey through the Flower Kingdom.

Share the Fun

Share the wonder of Super Mario Bros. Wonder with friends and family. The game includes built-in social media integration to easily take and share screenshots or video clips of your gameplay adventures.

Switch OLED Edition

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is available on Nintendo's new Switch OLED model system. This gorgeous new system features a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen with vivid colors and crisp contrast.

For collectors and Switch owners looking to upgrade, the Mario edition Switch OLED is a must-have item. Then get ready to jump into the Mushroom Kingdom on the gorgeous OLED screen when Wonder launches October 21st.

Ratings and Platforms

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB. The game supports multiple play modes to enjoy the action:

  • TV mode - Play Super Mario Bros. Wonder on your TV
  • Tabletop mode - Play with detached Joy-Con controllers
  • Handheld mode - Take it on the go with the Switch's built-in screen

Players can purchase a physical cartridge from Popular Online. A special edition Mario Red & Blue Edition Nintendo Switch OLED model is also available with custom Joy-Con colors.

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